Whitepaper Future proof road infrastructure

Within the Dutch Smart Mobility Collaboration (Krachtenbundeling), CROW-KpVV and Royal HaskoningDHV have released a whitepaper on the future design of roads, taking into account the advent of autonomous transportation. A panel of experts from both domestic and international backgrounds has contributed to this forward-looking perspective. The document’s objective is to raise awareness, initiate discussions, and ultimately formulate a vision for future infrastructure.

In this context, the paper first examines the long-term policy objective (the “Horizon perspective”) and then develops a step-by-step plan that outlines further simplification of road elements and reduction in complexity. After all, many elements in road design are oriented towards human behavior. By taking the right steps together, on certain roads designated for autonomous transportation in the longer term, such systems can be gradually phased out, and there are reasons to consider alternative uses of space in urban areas and residential areas.